No Power

Hey OP-1 family, longtime no see. I used to frequent but have just signed up here. Good to see some familiar names.

At any rate, my beloved, well-cared-for, never-once-dropped OP-1 will not power on. It is about a year old and I’m pretty bewildered. When I flip the power on I can hear a little “click” from the speaker. I left it charging overnight and the charging indicator doesn’t even pop up.

Any ideas what I can do here? I don’t care about the stuff that was on it, I just want this puppy working again.



Been there several times over the life of mine. It usually comes back from the dead eventually >.> Iirc @punji may have said something about corrupted flash, but most of us that it happens to are out of warranty and thus majorly fucked if that’s the case :smiley:

i’ve been trying to turn it on all day with no luck. should i update firmware if it can turn back on?

can’t hurt. Wish I could remember everything I tried to make it come back to life. Pretty sure it just happens, given my propensity of posting something like “My sweet princess is alive!” when it does >.>

My OP-1 does this regularly i.e just a click from speaker when attempting to power on.Try powering on holding com button and reload firmware.Works every time so far.A pain though.

new IO board solved my power switch issues.

Thanks for your help guys. I’ll try to do the com thing later. Didn’t work when I tried it yesterday but can’t hurt to keep trying.

new IO board solved my power switch issues.

How did you get a replacement? Did you replace it yourself?

iFixIt sells them, but they don’t allow returns and list them as ‘untested’ or used or some nonsense. And $50 vs $36 that TE used to sell them for (and they direct you to iFixIt now iirc).

I don’t really think it’s a power switch issue, though.

I got one too just in case… can’t hurt.

I got one too just in case... can't hurt.
Yeah, can't hurt to have one handy. I've noticed i've been interchanging cables so much in a day, I think the op had orgasms. Seems sturdy, but you never know.

never know indeed. I used my line input fewer times than I can count on one hand before the mic shit out.