Noise coming out of speaker

After I play some keys I can hear a low noise coming from the speaker(white noise?) I don’t hear it on the recording though. Is there a way to deal with it like ground loop isolator? I did a factory reset and I still hear it.

Turn down volume. And learn to gain stage the signal path.

gain stage the signal path? how would I do that?

Learn to use all the volume/gain controls. They are interactive. Noise is usually wrong gain staging.

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could just be the speaker
pretty much all speakers make a lil noise or “air” on their own

never wrong learning a lil more about gain staging tho

the OP1 will show you the signal path on its screen. can’t remember what the key command is for that, but see the manual.

gain staging, in it’s simplest form means this.
the idea is that you don’t want to have your synth or sample volume really low and have the master volume really high to compensate. that produces a lot of noise. instead you want the synth volume high and the master volume low.

So, trace your sounds source back to it’s beginning. at the beginning of the sound source turn the volume up as high as possible without clipping/going into the red. then move to the next stage along he signal path and do the same, etc…then when you get to the master volume you won’t need to turn it up very high.

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sweet that made a lot of sense thanks man!