Hi, op1 newbie question. Forgetting the output noises and USB noises that are well documented! Do you find sampling with the line in to be overly noisey (background white noise). The noise is recorded along with the source even when the source signal is strong. I know its a lo-fi sort of device but its digital and not a cassette portastudio from the 90’s. or is that the idea? :slight_smile:

I checked that with an oscilloscope a long time ago and publish some analysis on the extinct ohpeewon forum… the OP-1 tape noise floor was about the same as a tape machine, but it was probably not done to simulate that, since the signal quality for the album seems much better. It may be due to some processing limitation, but I as far as I know TE never shed any light there.

Thanks for the reply! did you do the scope after sampling something in? if I import a sample that I’ve recorded elsewhere it doesn’t impart any noise on that once its on a tape track. It’s a way around the noise I guess but it’s a pain having to turn the computer on. The reason I got the OP in the first place!

I don’t recall the details of the test anymore, but I probably just used an empty tape section. Sampling through the line-in is definitely very noise (relatively speaking), it seems sensitive to (under certain conditions) picking-up digital noise from other components in the board. I think TE acknowledged that.

Note that I have just one OP-1 and I use earbuds.

ok, thanks for the info, good to know it’s common and that mine isn’r faulty!

Recording to tape is noisier than to sampler. @punji seems to say to album is even quieter.