Noisy left output

Hi! I know and love the fact that the OP1 is a bit noisy. However, a while ago there suddenly appeared additional, louder noise, but only via the left channel. I can work around when recording, by recording only the right output and then setting to mono, but i would still like to fix it for ease of use.
I just changed the connector board, but that didn’t seem to do it.
Has anybody had a similar issue or a suspicion of where the source (part) of the problem could be located?

have u tried a factory reset? reformat the drive? reinstall the firmware?
maybe the cable that connects the connector board to the main board is not seated properly?

strange if u changed hte connector board and it still was there
as i would think its a hardware issue. like the solder joints or just a dirty jack
which would be easy to fix.

hopefully its not something more serious like an issue w/ the DSP board or something like that

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