noP issue po ko. Help plz!

Hey, I have an noP problem on my po ko
I can’t record anything through the mic or the line. There is noP on the screen and that’s it. (There is enough memory). Please give me an advice if u know how to solve this issue

noP means that your lock tab has somehow been activated
aka the trace that connects those two little solder pads
behind hte lock tab has somehow been broken

if u solder the two pads together u should be good to go again

Thank u! U mean this two pads? I have to solder them together somehow?

yes thats it
from your pic the trace looks intact
(obv could be wrong)
but maybe there is something else that is triggering the lock to activate…

u could use a multimeter to test continuity between the two pads
(or even a wire and just connect the two and see if it fixes)
then u know whether or not soldering the 2 pads will help

if not, then u may have a larger problem unforunately :frowning: