Not Great Customer Service Teenage Engineering OP-1

Hi All,

Wondering peoples’ experiences with TE customer service?

Bought a new op-1 in Jan which had a key without any spring. Removed it and found the scissor clip missing. Took back to store but they were out of stock. Instead of getting refund opted to try and get new scissor clip from TE. Contacted TE multiple times. Mostly radio silence then several email threads of send pic, address, etc and they will ship replacement. Now 3 months later, still nothing received.

Ultimately, I love the op-1. Its great. But its not cheap, and replacement parts are impossible to find (ifixit never has stock). Would expect better customer service from outfit so capable of designing amazing products…

Wow 3 months, not good. Maybe try direct on Twitter?

Maybe your email has been lost in the mix with new product development? 3 months is a long time to wait though.

Good luck.

They’ve always given me stellar service. Check your spam folder or give them a call.

Email is an unreliable means of communication with any company, in my experience.

I’ve always gotten much better service by calling the company. I’m guessing TE isn’t much different there.