OB-4 ambient mode module for OP-Z

Does anyone know if the z hardware could support a module that has a dedicated line in plus the OB-4 ambient disk mode effect?

Not sure what you mean, but there is no line out on the OB-4 to send to the OP-Z. I don’t think TE would ever design an ambient disk mode just for the OP-Z, but if they did, it would show up as a surprise one day and there is no way of knowing when.

What? What is happening? I’m talking about a module both in the title to this thread and in the actual content of the text.

Maybe it will be a new effect on one of the fx channels of the op-z.

If you want a dedicated line in then I recommend @docshermsticks adapter, https://www.etsy.com/shop/digdugDIY (his shop). OB-4 ambient disk mode just seems like software to me, so I don’t see why a physical module would be necessary (more memory storage or radio?). I think TE would prefer that people buy the OB-4 if they want that feature, so I doubt they will add it to the OP-Z, but I think it is possible from a tech standpoint. Like I said before though, they don’t take requests or explain their plans, so it would just appear as a surprise one day if they decided to make it. It would be dope if they did make it, I would buy one instantly.

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