OB4 & OP1F - creative uses?

Hey guys… Interested to hear from you guys that own both.

What are your creative uses with them together? Aside from just using OB4 as a speaker.

Are there any useful tips and ideas out there?

I like to just jam with the OP-1F then after a while, replay the loop and focus on the parts that I like to work further on them until I can make a track.

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Can you not just do this on OP1 with another segment of tape without spending £500?! :joy:

Yep exactly the same here.
Play into the OB4 jamming away and then listen back. Loop bits I like and record them back into a track on the OP1f. This then often forms the basis of a track.


do you record them back into the op-1 through the op’s mic?

This can give some nice textures, with a natural reverb

Yep that’s exactly how I do it.
Sometimes I leave the TV or Radio on in the background which then also gets picked up and sometimes adds some interesting trigger points for further ideas…


that’s awesome! i’m gonna try it