OP-1 Ableton Live CS question

Hey all. I’ve been expanding my knowledge of ableton recently and decided to try how OP-1 works with it. Everything seems to be pretty straightforward except for “User Bank 1 Select”. Can anyone clarify how those work? I understand, that it’s mapable layouts to map to different things in ableton? Are they same for all pages (performance, clips, mixer, etc)? i.e. is User Bank 1 will store all the same controls in all 4 modes? Does it apply only to notes, or will work with knobs? I haven’t tried it out yet, certainly can do it myself, but little introduction might be helpful, thanks.

Also: does G-sensor send midi somehow?

First of all, I’d recommend to install my updated script, if you haven’t done it yet. :wink:


The user bank at the moment does nothing - it just sends CC but it isn’t processed by the ableton script. You can midi map it, but that’s all. But I am definitely open to ideas how to extend the functionality!

G-sensor doesn’t send anything.

@popcorn thanks for clarification. It looks to me that midi cc mapping is powerful on it’s own. But still: from where it sends CC? keyboard? Or encoders too?

yeah every button and encoder has its CC, even encoder presses. I think keyboard sends note on/off instead of CC, but I am not sure. You can check what is being sent with some midi montor tool i.e. midiox.