OP-1 Accessories for sale



OK, so I attempted a trade with user annieeff, my op-z for her op-1 in december. OP never delivered, annieeff has ghosted ever since the site reboot. There was no way for me to file a claim with russian customs, as it had to be done by the sender. While waiting for my package to arrive, I excitedly bought a TE brand soft case, antenna, and replacement IO board as an insurance policy. I can assume by now it’s not arriving, these ought to be in the hands of someone who actually has one. All items are NIB and unused. $120 + shipping for all three.


damn that sounds frustrating. did u actually end up shipping ur op-z … like did she scam u?
anyway, by replacement io board, do u mean the connector board? in that case, it it still up for grabs and how much? where do u live? :crossed_fingers:


@annieeff joined early december 2018… just a reminder for everybody to think about what happened to @spelunker before doing business with a forum member that has no history.