OP-1 and Organelle

This is just a test of Organelle 4-track looper patch I’m working on using quick OP-1 riffs. Does a few things different to tape player which I was waiting for official update to try and master. Thought I’d share to show how fun Organelle is anyway…


Very nice that. Tunes’ nice,
Great the way you have it just like OP-1 ,with a twist.

Good point on being like the OP-1 - could turn this into an 8 track .Will need to try that.

Organelle looks like a lot of fun paired with OP. Seen a few videos of them teamed up. Would you say there’s enough depth in organelle to warrant the price even if someone has no PD skills? I’m so slammed with family stuff these days I can’t see myself finding time to learn PD and would just be using stock/community stuff…

To be honest a lot of my fun with the Organelle has been learning Pure Data from scratch. So not sure I’m right person to answer that! Never thought a few months ago I could create a 4 track looper with pitch control by connecting some boxes in the right order.

There’s a great and varied selection of synths and effects though. It’s, temporarily at least, cured my GAS for new synths and guitar pedals as I can do most things with the Organelle and / or OP-1.

Yeah organelle looks cool. Sounds like you got a grip on PD pretty quick :slight_smile: I’ll probably cave on getting one next year, maybe I can try to learn some PD before then…