OP-1 as part of a setup

Hi guys!

I think that the standalone inclinations and the limitations of the OP-1 MIDI-wise are pretty well known – but there are still many ways to make it function as a part of a larger setup.

For myself, I’ve decided to start exporting the tape tracks more – either to an Octatrack or to the computer for finalizing. And I think I’m going to make the OP-1 my sound design lab – it’s where I find the otherwordly, bubbly riffs, background textures and oddly granularized samples. So when I move from the sofa to the studio, I can bring in more traditional sounds.

But @HisMostDarxxxellent speaks of the OP-1 being the beat-mangling core of their setup, and I’m sure that many people have a well established process for making the OP-1 work as a part of a larger whole. For instance, do many people record synths through the line in?This I’d love to hear more about!


Only had couple of days with OP-1 and didn’t get chance to find it a home in my main setup yet with sync etc. Didnt record synth ‘through’ the op-1 inputs but sampling ios synths + ios effects to op-1 and then tweaking that with OP effects was super fun/quick for getting really deep/Weird chromatic synth/sample sounds. When I get my replacement unit returned I’m planning to get OP + OT doing a lot of stuff back and forth as well, excited to see what they spew out together :wink:

Mine is most likely going to be a texture machine. Looped drones and weird riffs running while being able to punch in the wild op-1 sounds over the other gear. The clock on mine is rock solid, so I can just push play and forget it, which is nice. Sampling pretty much anything and running it through the Phone effects has given consistently good and unexpected results too. I just got mine so I’m still exploring it. I’ll find myself punching notes into the endless sequencer set to random and slowing down the tape speed and just letting it do its thing, then turning to other gear.