OP-1 audio jack only plays in left headphone speaker

Okay, so I bought a used OP-1 today, and the seller said it was pretty much mint condition. I got to playing around with it, and it’s extremely fun, but everything works fine except for the audio jack. My headphones work perfectly fine. I’ve tried multiple headphones, and even an aux cord plugged into my PC, but it still plays in the left speaker only. When I change the sync settings in the metronome to Pocket Operator sync, it plays in my right speaker, but ONLY the right speaker, and when I take my headphones out a little bit it plays in both channels, but it’s a little noisy and fiddly. I even checked the mixer to see if the audio was panned to the left, and it was all centered. I even sprayed compressed air into the jack to see if that would help, but no luck. I even took the entire connector board out, sprayed compressed air all over all of the connectors, and made sure to really push the ribbon cable back in to make sure it was in there, but still no luck. I checked to see if they had replacement connector boards, but they’re all out of stock. The only solution I can think of is to resolder the connections, but I have no soldering experience nor a soldering iron. Any suggestions?? (Thanks so much for reading this!)

EDIT: Did a factory reset and it works perfectly now!

if its playing in the right when u switch to PO SYNC
then its doubtful that it would need to be resoldered.

have u tried maybe doing a factory reset?

OH MY GOSH it worked, thanks, that should’ve been the first thing I thought of!