OP-1 backordered

So after stalking this forum and watching countless user videos, I sold a lot of random music equipment and placed an order through my local Guitar Center. Now I find out that the OP-1 is unavailable until later this month when they receive a new shipment from TE. Has anyone else heard about this? Is it backed up because of the Pocket Operators? They have offered to send me one from a store in Oregon but I am afraid that it might be a returned product and for the money, I would really prefer a product that has not been opened.

Needless to say I am excited to get my OP-1 no matter when it gets here.

On TE homepage the OP-1 says limited availability, so I’ll guess they just have a few left

They’re busy working on the OP-2.

Haha, we can wish eh?!

Yeah, I’d hold out and just wait for the new shipment. The one thats been at the other shop may have been sitting around for a long while and as you say may have had previous brief owners.

browse here while you wait in anticipation… www.go-p1.net

So what’s the final word? Are they ceasing production on the OP-1? Rolling out a MKII??? I’d be looking to get another OP-1 to dual wield but if a MKII is being prepared I would just hold out for that one.

I would imagine a MKII would be formally announced at a music conference of some sort to build hype, then released a little while after. I don’t think that stealthily releasing new hardware is the best route for most manufacturers in this age.

My guess would be they are just temporarily holding back production of the OP-1 while they focus on the PO’s. Their last announced “user patches” firmware update, seems to have been put totally on the back burner for now. When Elektron released the RYTM, they didn’t make Octatracks for over a year I think.

I just got mine via Massdrop (which shipped directly from TE), which were (as far as I could tell) from the newest production run.

MusiciansFriend still has 'em. They’re a satanic company sure, but I got mine new for 20% off during one of their sales when I called in and ordered it (the code didn’t work online like it was supposed to). They even have “open box” models for $675.

I just hope they take the time in this break in production to perhaps revise the faulty parts or quality control issues for a more stable OP-1 in the future.