OP-1 Battle #73: “soundtrack // transmission” - VOTING

Here are the submissions for battle #73.

@kln: “Or just cause”

@ssam: “Vite”

@lazaruz4: “Los Angeles - 4th of July 2020”

Thank you for participating, I am conscious I totally messed up with the brief, but you did good :slight_smile:
Operators, please cast your vote by Sunday evening!

  • @kln: “Or just cause”
  • @ssam: “Vite”
  • @lazaruz4: “Los Angeles - 4th of July 2020”

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My own vote goes to @ssam! I really dig the mix of melodic and experimental sounds. Around 1:16 you really manage to create some tension that goes well with the video lo-fi picture…
Well done!

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All good submissions. Enjoyed immensely.


Would have loved to have entered but could not make the time for this audacious Battle! Finally got a week off from work and spent a good chunk of it just relaxing but also contending with the fact that our new dog has seizures :\ medication has been helpful and she’s a sweet handful (pit bull/Staffordshire Terrier mix)

My vote goes to @ssam for aurally capturing & intertwining with the melting quality of the visuals!


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Congratulations @ssam: next battle brief is yours!

It would be very cool if you could also post a non OP-1 oriented brief as the Open Battle #2: I do hope we manage to let it succeed at some point ^^

Thank you to all participants and voters :slight_smile:

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Thanks all! I will have a brief ready in a few weeks. I have an idea already.


When is the next Battle?

Just wondering.

Battle winners get to pick the next prompt. Might be any day now last battle finished not too long ago. @ssam was the lucky operator.

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It’s going to take me a little while to set up the next battle, but i hope in a couple of weeks!

for those who crave a project, while we wait for official rules…interim battle, 73.5?

rules = needs to be recorded, mixed, created on OP-1. anything else goes.

deadline = post your track before battle 74 rules are posted. voting starts the next day.

perhaps an interim battle winner gets a +1 vote for the battle 74, or to bend a rule in it or something? I think @ssam could make a call here.

like? don’t like?

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I would suggest, if I may, that you get to choose the brief for Open Battle #02, if you’re up to it :slight_smile:
Inspire us!

I like the of battle 73.5. I like even more the idea of Open Battle #02, but I guess the “created on OP-1” rule needs a rethink in that case :slight_smile:

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What do you say, @kln? Would you do us the honor to host #opbattles 02?

What about you @ssam? Where are you at with the next brief?

some avenues of thinking have opened up, as due course for real magic happenings. your participation is encouraged.

I heart OP-1.

can you &uck with me? Battle. LOL!

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Please choose an option:

  1. retesting your firmware
  2. scanning your brain for a virus
  3. getting assistance with your back switch

Do not attempt to remove your battery without powering off first.


describing my feels. I constantly remove my battery when power is on. therein lies the problem. life choices. thanks for the warning, and options!

my battery just happened to go completely drained when I made the last post. lol. error conditions. i mean, they happen.

open battle. is that just something that should be on rotation every month? make the coolest music with OP-1 involved in the mix, and submit it to a monthly OB.

2021-April Open Battle.
2021-May Open Battle.
2021-June Open Battle.

do or don’t participate, but each year could have a champion.

like I keep telling why kids. “we may have won the battle, but war is not the answer.”

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Hey @ssam, where are you at with next battle brief?

I’m ready for it