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Hang on, can the belkin be used as a sort of interface for iOS devices…?

I've already tried it but only with 1 IN and 2 Out plugged in. I didn't notice any signal loss.

I'm gonna try with 5 entries and a DB meter :)

Do !, im curious about the results, but common sense knows it has signal loss :slight_smile:

ps, i know im a bit fan of aliexpress but the same splitter can be found here for a fifth of the price on Amazon


Wow! Interesting, are you working there ?
I’m gonna try alie for my next audio accessories order !



Just for anyone looking at aliexpress, these headphones are excellent. My last pair were pretty good quality over-ear Sony which cost 100euro. These are better. Maybe it’s just the amazing fit for in-ears, I dunno.
This particular seller doesn’t sell fakes, which some aliexpress do, FYI.
Xiaomi Hybrid Earphone Wired Control with MIC for Android iOS for cell phone For MI4 MI3 Redmi- Silver
(from AliExpress Android)


Just tried the Star DB Test !

So I’ve got :
1 Out Master on my scarlett
1 Out Headphone monitoring
1 IN Zoom microphone
1 IN OP-1
1 IN MP3 player
1 Empty

I’ve noticed a -5/6db when playing a constant note on the op-1 and powering the Zoom and the mp3 player

When i’m listening to a song with the mp3 player and power on the Zoom and the OP-1, the loss is lighter, but I thought the sound is a bit muffled.

The result is not so bad, but you’re right @RSB, there’s a significant loss.

I’ve got to try a live session recording with multiple instruments connected to the op-1.


Maybe this would help with the loss: https://tangentsoft.net/audio/cmoy/ Probably also gets you the sought-after lo-fi sound :wink:

Wow! Interesting, are you working there ?
I'm gonna try alie for my next audio accessories order !


Def not working there, but i ordered a good few items so far and never had any complains to be honest.

But maybe i should start a thread here called : Aliexpress meets OP-1


But maybe i should start a thread here called : Aliexpress meets OP-1

Might be too soon but I suggest calling the thread: Ali-1


Woke up this morning with @SammyJams tune from Battle 40 in my head. That is one fine tune right there and I was surprised it didnt get more votes (I’m sure you’re in it for the love).
Speaking of votes… @kln asks more people to vote from forum members. So why not click over there ,spin some tunes and cast a quick vote :slight_smile:


@spheric_el wow thanks dude!

Woke up this morning with @SammyJams tune from Battle 40 in my head. That is one fine tune right there and I was surprised it didnt get more votes (I'm sure you're in it for the love).

I agree, that song rules. I reckon @SammyJams and @kln sometimes get deflated vote counts in the battles because the community wants to give others a chance. They are both top tier operators for sure.


Agreed @Borden .
Extra battle feedback …
I wanted to say Drive settings were perfect @SammyJams ,plus arrangement. The ingredients were spot on.
@Edzilla I ment to say your personal style has well developed here. You have evolved through these battles (it feels to me) and this was very complete also.

Not to sure why I’m using this thread :s but I’m sure some cross pollination is ok .


I’ve got to take time to vote !


@borden & @Spheric_El - thanks for the kind words. in my opinion there are too many all-stars on the forum to name, and being cast as top-tier is humbling. i could make a list of those whom i look up to, or am excited to hear their next track, or what they might do with particular rules in a battle. i was so stoked with the outcome of Battle 40.

i respect so many fellow operators here, whether it be for the jams they create, the technical knowledge of OP-1 or other lovely musical gear, or the wholesome infectious enthusiasm around TE gear.

thanks for pushing the word about voting further too! one day i’ve love to see a battle get 20, 50, even 100 total votes!

it’s all for fun, love of music & producing…and of course learning or trying new things (for me). the battles have really taught me how to use OP-1 in the long run. (and i’m sure i still have a lot to learn).

I've been heavily reliant on the portable Op-1 for the last two years for music creativity because I made myself homeless, to reduce overheads, so i can save money for decent music hardware. 15 drum machines and synths later, I'm now considering renting a flat to setup my studio. Its been mentally tough, but the mission has been working. Thankyou OP-1 for keeping me sane! :)

GAS ninja warrior

I salute

feeling compromised.
been hoping some subtle wiggling would bring my audio output jack back to life. but it seems lucky if R shows up at all, even while holding my OP with tender care. the jack is totally jacked. i can see it pushed in slightly, as if it's come loose from the casing. i have tried throughout it's life not to stick it in and out too much (easy, just talking about the audio output jack)...but it seems to be fucked now.

any easy suggestions as to next steps to bring my full audio output spectrum back to life?

Send that Shiz back to Sweaden, I have found myself questioning the durability of the in/out jacks lately


Just posted the Battle 42 rules ! Get in !

>> https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/2331/battle-42-the-answer#latest


Just saying… I deeply, frankly, entirely and will forever hate bikes robbers.
I could become violent I guess…


OK, this has become violent…

Far away family + stolen bike => Emptying a bottle of Beaumes de Venise => SØS Gunver Ryberg + jam on this crazy shit => hard techno 170bpm

No neighbours so far, maybe I’m not loud enough…


@LyingDalai Sorry to hear about your bike, that really sucks.

The boiler room set it sounding pretty good so far, not normally my kind of thing but I’m digging it a lot.