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Idem :smiley:


bien sur…


It’s the final countdown in the Battle 42 voting !

Come on buddies, don’t be afraid everybody can vote !

and it’s there > Battle 42 voting thread for everybody


countdown? :wink: what about Sunday 23:59:59?


Just bought an OP-1 today, and now I don’t want to do any graphic design school work, because…OP-1!!!

countdown? ;) what about Sunday 23:59:59?

Yes, that’s a nice final countdown motone !


fixed my monitors. they had this annoying hiss on cold days for too long. bad caps.


Only 25 hours left for voting for battle 42:


I just launched my record label: BE SOFTLY

First release Feb 3rd

I just launched my record label: BE SOFTLY

First release Feb 3rd

Congrats! Good luck with it all :slight_smile:

I just launched my record label: BE SOFTLY

First release Feb 3rd

Cool name and good looking page! Cheers


been out-of-commision ever since I installed a new I/O board to replace one with a faulty headphone jack. the new board came with terrific new headphone jack working perfectly. I was so happy to hear both L/R at the same time, until my battery died. then I came to find my USB port is faulty. no charging!

patiently awaiting a new I/O board from ifixit. (who is sending another one to make up for the faulty version).


New OS is here!


No new thread re: new OS? Is it the same as the beta? Is the new synth the slump synth from the beta under a different name? Questions.


Yes v218 is the new official firmware. No I don’t think it’s exactly the same as the 216…Yes Voltage is Slump !


Hey there !!

Please take the time to listen to the united track of the 43rd battle “Unity” and put some words on the voting thread !


On Friday night, I jammed for 5 hours with my friend Tamaris.

On Saturday morning, my son and I assembled Twisted Electron’s Cheshire Kit, which became his very first synth.
On Saturday evening I played with my pal @quarantequatre for something like 6 hours.
On Sunday I went skiing with my family, spending the whole day with my son that was almost continuously laughing.

I fell asleep at 20, exhausted and awesomely happy.


Sounds like you’r living good @LyingDalai .Any recordings ?
I like to record live. I’ve made two,deep 20 min long drone tracks this year.Hopefully useful for synth/rhythm accompaniment ,but fun to do anyway.
Not the most prolific ,but enjoyed.


I made a few recordings lately, live takes in less than 2h time…
Check this track if you haven’t already : I love it so much !

Now I record most of the two sessions from this weekend in separate tracks but from what I heard so far there’s not so much usable material unfortunately… I’ll have to dig quite a bit to identify the cool parts. Anyway, we had so much fun !


Really nice @LyingDalai really nice.
Fast and chilled! Love the cycling nature. It brought a smile to my face as I stream it at my local supermarket,making strangers smile back and say hi to me .Thanks for sharing .