OP-1 charges fine via USB but can't connect to computer as device

I’ve had an OP-1 since the beginning… I have updated it a couple times but am on 220.

Recently after not touching it for a long time, I wanted to update firmware - it charges to full via USB (I still have the cable that came with it, so it’s not a 3rd party thing), however on either my windows 10 machine or my macOS machine, it does not come up as a device. I can’t get it to show up as a disk in DISK mode, and trying to update firmware it’s just always stuck on ‘1. connect usb to pc’ or whatever. I’ve also tried factory reset.

I’m guessing the op-1 hardware itself is fried somehow? It can’t be the cable if the cable is charging?

Emailed T.E. support but no response yet.

the cable charging only verifies that hte power and ground pins are okay
doesn’t mean the data pins are okay which is how data is transferred via USB

i wouldn’t necessarily think it was the cable that was the issue
but trying some different cables is prolly the easiest and least expensive thing u could try
and at the very least rule out