Op-1 clock in & sequencer data out


Have op-1 and love the sequencers so looking at integrating it with the rest of my studio. If I purchase oplab/iconnectmidi/kentonusb will I able to clock my op-1 from external midi to start and run one of its sequencers and send that note/gate midi data out to external midi synths or drummachines?


Hi @synthologist.

I had this thought. There is alot of info about the ICM boxes in the thread about the iCM2+ “is it any good?”. I want to use the OP1 with external hardware that uses 5pin midi sockets ,without a computer most of the time,then use an ipod and maybe a ipad ,but an all hardware set up.
It seems for this i need the iCM4+ as the 2+ is for computer devices.Infact I’m wondering now if its even possible to connect the OP1 to the iCM2+.
Other people have mentioned the kenton and the oplab is popular also, but i cant comment on them, its important for me to control the clock of the OP externally via old school midi gear so I think I’m going for the +4.