OP-1 Connector board resoldered but speaker no longer works

My headphone jack on my OP-1 just broke and I had a friend resolder it. It worked perfectly right after the solder job was done. The next day it would cut in and out when playing through the built in speaker but worked fine with headphones. The following day it is only working with headphones and make no sound through the speaker. I checked the solder joints and they all seem to be intact and I did a factory reset to see if it’s a software glitch but it still thinks there is something plugged to the headphone jack at all times.

Anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this? Also anyone out there holding a replacement connector board?


I had a connector board that failed like that. The reason was, as far as I could determine, due to a bad contact in the return path signal (responsible for enabling the internal speaker) inside the connector itself, i.e., the spring loaded part failed to make contact when the plug was removed.

Btw, you may be able to confirm that if you short-circuit the correct connector pins, but I did not keep note of which ones. Chech the connector that datasheet to figure out that.

as posted before - sounds like bad internal switch from the headphone jack which no longer makes/breaks contact to allow the internal speaker to function. Most likely need a new jack.

Thanks for the tips! Anyone know of a parts supplier that might have just the headphone jack or something that would fit? Not keeping my hopes up for ifixit to stock more of the connector boards:/