OP-1 Deleted Files Limbo?

Hi everyone! I think I just made a big mistake whilst doing some spring cleaning on some of my presets within the OP-1 and I’m really hoping someone might be able to help, although my chances are slim.

So I had about 7 ‘snapshots’ of synthesizer sounds that I’d crafted. They were saved in the ‘snapshots’ folder with unhelpful names like 20180923 2244 (i.e. the timestamp) so I thought I would go in and clean up the names a little. I plugged the OP-1 into my computer and went about changing the names. But whilst I was at it I thought I’d move them from the ‘snapshots’ folder to the ‘user’ folder… I thought that would be the best place for them… I was wrong.

It turns out that the OP-1 didn’t recognize them in their new location (or something) and has deleted all the presets entirely, I can’t find them anywhere on the OP-1 or even in the folders when I plug it into my computer. The ‘snapshots’ folder has completely disappeared and there’s no ‘user’ folder anywhere.

I guess I’m just wondering if there’s some type of ‘deleted file limbo’ folder that I can access and bring the samples back? Like, when the OP-1 deletes things where does it put them?

Thank you for taking the time to read! Si

Maybe you should try a file recovery program on the op-1 s memory when running in disk mode ?

Good luck with data recovery. I accidentally deleted my tape with a few really good loops on it once. I tried a couple recovery programs that I had licences for but they were not able to get anything useful. I suspect it is because the op-1 will re-create new tape files, probably over the same blocks in the file system. Because you have not written anything new to that folder you might have better results than I did.

Now I just make a full backup of the op-1 every time I plug it in to mess with stuff.

i’ve had weird things like this a handful of times.

a couple times it doubled all my patches for some reason.

usually i just do a factory reset every so often and then i don’t run into these issues.

Thank you for the ideas! I think file recovery would be a good option, let me see what I can dig out, thank you!