Op-1 discontinued?!


:heart: TE, a timely communication from them!




@Sparky said:
“updating the hardware platform” :slight_smile:

Be careful, because updating does not mean the same thing as upgrading. It could just mean that the originally spec’d OLED or chip or something is not longer made, so they need to find a replacement without having to relayout the entire hardware platform. Unless they are wanting to continue supporting two diverging OP-1 platforms forever, they will likely be finding something that allows them to only need to support one overall OP-1 platform.


I’m wondering if they have any plans for an updated io board, with more reliable mic/jacks…? May as well add Bluetooth and USB-C while they’re at too… ?


I ended up with a second unit. Was going to keep it but with these crazy prices I sure would like to trade it for a nice Telecaster.


USB-C and more memory would be awesome. I’m happy with everything else as is.


@FLDPLN said:
@mixrasta Permission to use “Successful Superstar” as my next album title?

No problem, and yes these two words look quite impressive together B)




If they ship more at the £750 price point I’ll 100% buy a second for long term safety.