OP-1, don't understand function test 9

All the function test on my Op-1 clear, but i do not understand how to check test 9. “Connect USB cable to PC, move powerswitch from you.” This is poorly worded. I connect to my computer and nothing happens. Then I turn the power off, I guess? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. But when I turn it back on, nothing happens, and nothing happens when it’s off. What am I actually supposed to do here?

It’s not actually supposed to turn off when you slide the power switch away from you. It’s supposed to prompt you to move the switch back.

The OP-1 power switch not a “real” power switch; the processor and all are still active, and the switch is just a signal to shut down. This test is supposed to verify the integrity of the switch.

If it’s actually shutting down, perhaps the USB connection isn’t registering properly, so it doesn’t get to the step where it’s waiting for the switch.

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I’d guess that’s the problem. It doesn’t show up connected to my macbook when i plug in and do test 9 (though when I connect it normally in Disk mode it connects fine), so maybe it isn’t registering that it’s plugged in.

I’ve talked to some people at TE and apperantly it’s a Software bug. The function test wasn’t updated for the new DSPs…
I assume you have a OP-1 with the new screen 2019+

They will do a proper FW update but before that they will write a FAQ on their site

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Interesting! That’s right, I do have the new one. Thanks for letting me know.