OP-1 drum utility crisis!

Does anyone else know how to properly install and set up the OP-1 drum utility? I am on windows 10 and using ableton 9.7. I downloaded the drum utility 32 bit version and dosnloaded a 3rd party vst host but i cant even get the drum utility to open and it wont show up in vsts on ableton. I evem emailed the creator of the drum utility and got brushed off and sent vague instructions that did not help. If anyone with knowledge of PCs can assist it would be greatly appreciated

try 64 bit version maybe?

i was going to create a guide, but i just packed it into a .zip file and whacked it on Dropbox.
Just extract the zip into a folder and run the Op1DrumUtil.exe
Its setup to run as a standalone utility.
Just make sure all 3 files are in the same folder like in this pic below.




you can use the online version in a browser…of course no vst, but still fast to build drumkits…


is there something like this for the op-1 field?

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