OP-1 Drum Utility problems...help please :)

I’ve been trying to put together a few drum-kits yesterday and came across a problem.
I made a whole lot of drum sounds in ableton, which are quite compressed, meaning hitting the limiter hard. The exported wav files themselves sound fine, when I drag them into the utility and click on them they sound fine…but once I export them from the OP-1 Drum Utility they are super distorted clippy in a not very nice way.
Any clues why this could be happening?
Normally the utility shouldn’t change my sounds should it?

you already checked the EQ Settings and/or the Gain control of the Sampler? (shift + orange)

sorry…forgot to mention I’m using OP-Z. But I don’t think it’s the gain…even if I play back the aif drumkit file on the computer it sounds distorted.

ah i understand!

there was a Thread in the past which was kind of related to an OS update and some issues with „normalizing“ samples once imported to the OP-1.

i think the workaround was to reduce the gain on your computer, let it normalize by the Op-1 and it should export as normal