OP-1 Feature Wishlist

Since I am fairly new to the OP-1 I and I start to mess around with it more and more I would like to know what others feel would be nice features to add if they could.

For me it would be the ability to undo more than one time. I know the lift key can undo something but to undo multiple things would be nice. :slight_smile:

I am curious to know what others would like to see added to the OP-1. :grey_question::question:

There was a thread with a wishlist here some time ago. I think the most common one was the ability to rename/delete patches on the device itself, without involving a computer.

My second wish is for TE to make their hidden FX and Iter engine available through the menus. They’re already implemented and completely usable. Why hide additional features?

I think both are perfectly reasonable things to ask for.

The rest of my “wishes” are either bugfixes or just wishful thinking that will never happen.

Overall, OP-1 is a fairly well-rounded machine. I think most of us mostly want “more of the same”.


They made an OP-Z app for iOS. Shame they can’t devise a backup / restore / patch management app for OP-1. That would be my #1 wish.

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Sorry, couldn’t find another wish-list thread. Have had my OP-1 now for a few months and am absolutely loving it.

My DUHfault behavior is to forget to turn off the sequencer after using it. I would much prefer the sequencer to shut off automatically when I change modes. I find myself, over and over, pressing a key and getting weird results, all because I left the sequencer on. I am simply not in the habit of stopping it after using it.

I’m not a computer expert, but it seems that the sequencer uses very little system resources. I wish a different sequence could be saved for each of the 8 synth presets. It is common for me, when recording a multi-track piece, to want to re-record one of the parts after the first go-around on all the parts. I will likely still want the notes to be the same, but perhaps I want the envelope, volume, filter, effect, etc. to be different. So, I will probably have to re-enter the sequence, then re-record it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but this feature would not place a burden on the CPU/memory, right?

finger can save different sequences on all the white keys
finger is the bomb i dunno why more ppl don’t use it.

also i understand it can be frustrating at times but its good practice to recreate sequences
u will get really good at it the more u do it.
sometimes u come up with something a lil different (or very different) that u like better also

I agree that practicing something is the best way to improve at it, so I suppose re-entering sequences is good practice. Funny, I have avoided the finger sequencer, and have only really used endless. In part because I am sequencing lines with more than 16 steps. However (and it just occurred to me), finger sequences could be combined. I am going to post this, then experiment with that.

ya finger is 32 steps per sequence too

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