OP-1 Feature Wishlist


Since I am fairly new to the OP-1 I and I start to mess around with it more and more I would like to know what others feel would be nice features to add if they could.

For me it would be the ability to undo more than one time. I know the lift key can undo something but to undo multiple things would be nice. :slight_smile:

I am curious to know what others would like to see added to the OP-1. :grey_question::question:


There was a thread with a wishlist here some time ago. I think the most common one was the ability to rename/delete patches on the device itself, without involving a computer.

My second wish is for TE to make their hidden FX and Iter engine available through the menus. They’re already implemented and completely usable. Why hide additional features?

I think both are perfectly reasonable things to ask for.

The rest of my “wishes” are either bugfixes or just wishful thinking that will never happen.

Overall, OP-1 is a fairly well-rounded machine. I think most of us mostly want “more of the same”.


They made an OP-Z app for iOS. Shame they can’t devise a backup / restore / patch management app for OP-1. That would be my #1 wish.