OP-1 field [Bug Tracker]

Hello dear op-forumers,
This is not a feature request list, but a bug/issue tracker for what you think is objectively working against the software logic. Hope this finds TE and I’d thank them for taking care of those.

When input is mono it makes it only to the left, when monitoring input.
Mixer panning is not coherent regarding live input: if 100% R selected, it just cuts left.

u prolly have better luck actually sending these (or any bugs // support requests) to TE directly
if u haven’t already that is
that way u know they actually got it
the support thing is right on their website

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Having potential bugs listed here makes it easy for other Field users to cross check

I think it’s a good idea

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You’re right, these have been submitted.
I think this kind of topic is still relevant, but do as you like.
Have fun

oh fosho
def didn’t mean that this isn’t helpful
sorry if it came off like that

moreso just meant that also submitting them directly to TE
might lead to a better chance of actually getting bugs addressed // fixed
instead of hoping they stumble upon this

they prolly do check the forum but they prolly also miss a lot of stuff too

No problem you were totally right !
I’ve been a Octatrack user for a decade and the dedicated forum has absolutely all information there is by the community, that’s why I made the same here. We’ll see what is patched then.

Pretty kind reply from TE, substantially:

the input on the OP–1 field is stereo only so when inputting mono it will only go to the left.
however, we have passed this over to the development team as a suggestion for a future firmware update. it should be possible to split a mono signal so you get it in both left and right.

Dunno if that’s a bug or just me, but when turning on the Delay FX, first note usually won’t be affected by the effect. I need to hit the keys a second time to get the delay effect (FW 1.4.7)

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I’ll play.

  1. Loop icon on tape display is opposite of the loop icon on the button.

  1. You have to wait for the animation to finish, when lifting something from the table, before you can record or Arm again. Didn’t happen with the OG OP-1.

  2. Sometimes, there are still audio left, after lifting audio from tape tracks.