OP-1 field feature requests

My personal wishlist:

  1. Adjustable panning before recording for all instruments

  2. Individual settings (mixer, compression, endless-sequencer etc.) per tape

  3. Effects page for inputs (Mic, USB, line in)

  4. 8 or more track tapes

  5. Postproduction capabilities for volume and panning per slice

  6. Multiple, storable endless sequences


  1. 4 Markers for each tape which you can use to jump to 4 specified spots on the tape

It would be really cool to write automation on a track. Say - hold shift down while recording and be able to write volume of an existing recorded track.


How I think it could best be implemented:

Red encoder adjusts rec level to tape. Shift + Red could adjust Pan for level to tape. There could be a pan pot above or below the level meter.



Love it! Seems totally possible to implement and has a very clear UI workflow!

I can’t suggest, I’m not on any beta / dev communication forums. But TE have some super smart cookies working there I’m confident they’ll come up with it themselves hopefully.

I think goal 1.0 was to get the Field up the feature level of OP-1 Field, plus one new synth and one new effect.

I want to suggest a dedicated west coast synth but I feel like you can get close with Dr Wave and Spring reverb. A dedicated ‘west coast’ homage interface could be fun.

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Panning LFO destination and stereo delay


USB audio out and save/copy tapes, mixdowns, and samples to thumb drive. Also, velocity sensitivity emulation for keys.


16th tape markers and the ability to zoom in/out on the tape with an encoder regardless of whether loop is on or off

1/4 T in the arpeggiator

ability to change resolution in the pattern and finger sequencers like you can with the endless and arpeggiator (1/8 1/8T 1/16, etc)


I would like to be able to apply effects to whatever input I’m using: internal mic, line in, radio, usb, etc. Monitoring with effects is the only thing I’m constantly wishing for. Oh, and the ability to change tapes without stopping the transport.


I’m surprised USB out doesn’t seem to be a thing, given OG OP-1 now has it.

Yeah you can only monitor with master effects over everything, record dry. You can then play your dry track and add effects and record from the ear on another track to imprint the effects into that track - if you have a safe track of course. Agree would be nice to record with effects on the way in.

Right. I’ve had the og op-1 since 2014 so I’m familiar. I remember vaguely someone posting some workaround on one of the forums but I can’t remember where. But yeah, I’ve done the resampling/ear method many times.

There was a workaround for OG OP-1 in the form of a waveform that was stuck high I believe, a special sample - and then you used the LFO set to modulate its volume from the incoming input - this effectively meant the sample was just the incoming audio. A super clever hack. I never tried it though but that’s how it worked. You could then put whatever effect you want under [3] and that would get recorded to tape. Op-1 field let’s you modulate from an external input but it’s very different, it’s more of an envelope follower. So it cannot use this work around. It can’t be done on OP-1 Field.

EDIT: big advantage now with resampling with ear is that it’s way way better quality, and stereo so you can pan tracks left and right and resample them into one track and the panning is retained in that resampled copy.

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In what way is it not a thing?

Another request idea:
PO-style punch in effects for the finger sequencer.

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Idk if this was already requested, but it would be very very handy and nice to have FX send per track in the Master section. Just a knob to control the level going through the FX for each of the tracks.


I would like to request USB Audio Host works for audio out (eg to SP404mk2, M8, a class compliant interface etc).

At the moment I think it only works for audio in.

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extremely satisfied with the field except for these few ones that are very missed:

  • possibility to have more tracks by allowing mono tracks
  • effect panning control
  • Having the choice of sorting instruments by instrument type rather than synth engine would be awesome. when I need a bass or a pad sound, I hate to have to browse through all my instruments to see what options I have.
    I could possibly be missing on an already existing way to do so through a computer though? (haven’t done so yet)
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