OP-1 Firmware 241

We have to hope that TE’s attention to detail is better when it comes to firmware development and testing than it is when it comes to their website content.

Latest OP-1 OS update #241:

  • Wrong date
  • Wrong release notes
  • Latter half of update instructions relates instead to OP-Z



Anyone done the update , is there anything to get excited about ?

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I installed it. Nothing I can see jumps out at me as different.

Just a bug fix then

I was the one that dropped it on reddit. Not with TE

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oh yes sorry. you just poked around with the link right?

Yes. Just changed the 237 until I got a hit at 241

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now tell us more about #241

From TE: For information, this firmware is not including any update, only a minor fix for few unit that we are currently investigating at the moment.

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... same changelog as 235


so, @cloudburst 's post here OP-1 Firmware 241 looks more useful

Updated to this last night and now my OP-1 is bricked :frowning:

Screen won’t turn on despite it being close to fully charged (charged it before updating the firmware from 218 to 241). The speaker makes a brief popping sound, but other than that there are no signs of life from it.

It seems others have encountered this or similar issues before when updating firmware and I can’t find a fix. I’ve tried starting up on the bootloader but holding Shift + COM while starting up doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

Update: right after typing this out, I tried the Shift + COM method again and it worked. Rewrote 241 onto the OP-1 and it is now working as normal. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen again. Quite the scare!


Anyone having worse clicks since this update?

  1. Clicks when scrolling through synth and drum patches.
  2. Phantom clicks at the at the start and end of where a cut piece of tape was.

I got my op1 a few years ago just after the os that sorted the old click problem was released. This is the first issue I’ve had with clicks. A rite of passage on op1 I guess:)

As far as I recall the previous update (#235?) fixed those clicks on tape. Has it been re-introduced in #241?

Ye seems to be. With the last update (237?) it also started crashing for the first time on certain custom patches I had to remove and sometimes when sampling from radio. It’s worked great for a few years until this!

I get clicks and pops with the string synth under certain conditions, usually when pressing multiple keys, or when using reverb on the strings & on the master track.

I’ve also noticed the master reverb sometimes adds a strange stereo effect where the left channel is a bit louder than the right, or vice versa as well, don’t know if that’s a bug or just the way it works but yeah…

The clicks and pops from the strings don’t appear to be recording to tape, but occasionally a drum track will, depending on channel level when recording… I guess it’s just clipping perhaps with a high enough attack… No big deal really just gave me a little scare.

It almost seems like the String synth is too taxing or something. If you run the string synth and an effect on the synth and master effect you can cause FPS lag (dropped frames) on the display. It’s kinda wild.

its been well known for awhile that string is rather CPU intensive

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I noticed some fps drop with Cluster