OP-1 Firmware mirror?

Hey guys!

I need to do a factory reset of my OP-1 and can’t download the OS from the new TE-website.

Anyone got a mirror of OS 14203 ?


I’m uploading now.


@anomalous thank you very much!!

For the record - here’s a site with OP-1 Firmware files:


@furryhands yw

@mrclean thanks, I knew it was out there but I couldn’t remember where it was. plus it was no big

Hi to all the operator one krew. I’m freshly new here.
Does someone have a mirror for 2015 & 2016 firmwares between 14203 & the last 218?

For the record - here's a site with OP-1 Firmware files:


Someone should contact the owner so he adds the new 218

@ultros Between 14203 there were only a non-released version that shipped with newly purchased OP-1s and betas that were either leaked or distributed by TE for proper beta testing. Seems to be the feeling around here not to post a link to any leaked or otherwise betas, but maybe someone will help you out. I believe Reddit was the source of the beta for many people.

@GCF well now that the official OS is out, I can’t see a reason to avoid posting a link to the beta OS 76 (iirc it was the number, wasn’t it ?)

@GCF Many thanks for your answer. I hadn’t note the firmware version installed on my OP1 before upgrade with the new one 218… But I feel a little bit frustrated with the new Arpegio version. Is that normal that there isn’t the Arpegio in 14203? I’ll search in the previous versions till I find the version I had (I hope). But may be there was a beta version installed… I’ll be back. Good evening all!

Effectively, there was a beta version on it before, what can I do?

@ultros Arpeggio was introduced in the most recent OS (and the betas that were developing that OS). You will need the leaked beta that @LyingDalai mentioned if you want the development version of Arpeggio. Perhaps he can get it to you. Keep in mind that running a beta OS from earlier in the year may not run as smoothly for other non-Arpeggio things that have improved since the beta. There will be trade-offs either way if you don’t like the released OS version of Arpeggio.

@GCF & @LyingDalai Thank you both for the answers. You were right, the guy who sold me the OP-1 has talk about Reddit. I guess you see what I mean with the 8-step arpeggio, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. So if someone is able to tell me more about the beta with this one, please met me know.