OP-1 Issues Resolved?

Hi All,

I purchased an OP-1 shortly after it was first released, but sold it a year later due to not being satisfied with a few issues. However, I’m interested in buying one again :slight_smile:

First off, there was too much signal noise from what I remember - particularly when connected via USB - has this been reduced or eradicated?

Secondly, is something like the Kenton USB to MIDI my best solution for connecting the OP-1 to my hardware synths? Can it control or be controlled by them, and to what degree?

Is there still 4 tracks to record to, or have you heard of of this being extended to 6 or 8 for a future OS update?

Any help appreciated, and any other issues I should be aware of before buying an OP-1 for the second time,

Many thanks in advance,


Answer to one, You can turn off USB charging, that takes away the noise for most.

Two, someone else will have to answer that.
Three, I very much doubt it’ll go about 4 tracks due to the design and interface being based around the four knobs.


You can control other synths with the op-1 using the kenton midi usb interface. You could, for example, run an endless sequence out to a minibrute and tweak it’s knobs while everything plays along with your tape. You can control the op-1 from an external synth with a longer keyboard, but are sadly unable to enter note data into the op1 sequencers from an external keyboard at this time.