Op-1 key becoming intermittent

so, I guess it was bound to happen eventually…the upper c key on my very OG op-1 is starting to become intermittent in its responsiveness. It’s triggering better from the bottom of the key, but pretty rarely from the top unless I use more pressure than normal.

What do you all think my options are?

It looks like the replacement keyboard is out of stock on ifixit, I wonder if they will be getting more?

I’m kinda scared to reach out to TE and send it in after seeing years of people complaining about their experiences here. Is that just a vocal minority, or is it really kind of a pain to deal with them for service (I’m in the USA)?

Are there any other options beyond grinding google/reverb/eBay to try and find a replacement keyboard?


pop the key off and clean under it?

prolly could remove and clean the rubber dome if its still a problem after some light cleaning. compressed air also?
i had a similar problem with my down arrow and it was just crumbs and such.

repair is slow and emails slower. but ive had mine repaired twice all was well. just took 2 months ish both times.

cool, thanks for the insight. Fingers crossed it’s just some dust or something caught under there…