Op-1 + korg sq-1


I was thinking to use the sq-1 sequencer as a midi to cv converter - usb midi out from op-1 into sq-1 which i hoped would output the notes through its cv-outs, all according to korgs website… Didnt work on first try, was using a standard printercable and usb-B adapter to fit into op-1. Am i missing something here or anybody else tried this?

you need a usb midi host to get the usb midi rockin' w/o a computer

something like the oplab, iconnectmidi OG, 4+ (not the 2+), or kenton usb midi host

Just because you can convert the physical connections of cables, doesn’t mean the signal will work. It works with audio, but not most digital communication protocols. This can even be unsafe (for the devices) if you end up connecting two USB ports that were not intended to be connected.

Ok, so there is a difference between usb-midi and the midisignal put out by the op-1?

Yes there is a difference, therefore the need to translate the data via a host.

The OP-1 manual claims that it can act as a host (usb OTG) but it actually doesn't.
Hoping that one day it will be enabled but meanwhile i don't understand why it's in the manual

Thats a shame…specially since they talk about using it to sequence other gear in the manual…what a load…

you can use it to sequence other gear. just to be clear this isn’t related to just the op1, but all usb midi devices.

Hm…in that case i think i still dont understand… What kind of usb-midi are they refering to in the sq-1 manual?

basically what it boils down to is that usb midi always needs a host in order to tell the devices where to send the data, what is sending and what is receiving, etc.

without a host, the devices don’t know how to communicate with each other and thus nothing happens.

when you use your computer or laptop w/ usb, the computer acts as the host.
so theres no need for an extra device

if you want to hook your usb midi gear up w/o a computer, you need a usb midi host device, like the ones i mentioned above.

Ok, so if they say that the sq-1 can act as a midi to cv converter they mean midi notes from a Computer or another usb-host. And the op-1 does not send midinotes but info that can be translated to notes. I knew about the need for the host regarding the midi from op-1, i think i just thought that the sq-1 being usb-midi in would somehow take the usb directly from the op-1 which would have been fun and handy :slight_smile: - so most instruments using midi (not op-1) say synths, midikeyboards etc have built-in host capabilities?

op1 does send midi notes. its the same as any other usb midi device. its not any different.

most synths, and midi controllers do not have usb host capabilities. but the whole host thing doesn’t apply if you are using the MIDI DIN ports (unless u are going usb to din)

yea it would be fun and handy to not need the extra device for usb stuff.

Thanks for explaining things :slight_smile: guess they want us to buy the op-lab but it’s too bad they didnt put a proper midi in on the sq-1…

bingo! buy more of their shiz. never thought midi din would be considered product overlap.

@Boytec i’m sure someone is going to mod a MIDI input into the Sq-1 sooner or later. Right now the OG iCM is hosting my op-1 and SQ-1 (along with iPad and other gadgets) but clock keeps doubling and it’s a real pain.

I’m using a SQ-1 with OP-1, an old Roland MC202 (cv/gate), and to rule them all, an old korg ER-1 as master (sending the clock, play/stop, etc.)

So the OP-1 can be the master keyboard for the 202 when the sq-1 doesn’t send a sequence to the MC-202

To make it work, I used a iconnectmidi (http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=10750) and an usb hub.

OP-1 and SQ-1 are connected to my iconnectmidi via usb, using the usb hub, and the ER-1 to the iconnect using midi din IN

The MC 202 is connected to the SQ-1 using CV/GATE

And it work perfectly

Would be so nice to use the op-1 sequencers to control the new arp odyssey…without the hassle of ipads/oplabs/hostboxes.

Any more tech savvy people know if it’s feasible to think USB-hosting capability could be added to the the OP-1 via software update (then TE could just sell us a fancy USB-to-DIN-MIDI breakout cable), or would it likely require additional hardware inside the OP-1’s guts?

Just reviving this thread. OP-1 now has sync out now.

Would it be possible to use the sync out function to sequence SQ-1 and theoretically Ipad (via midi out to cck) & Modular gear (via CV out) simultaneously with this box?

I just tried it and it seems to work. I did not connect the SQ-1 to anything else to confirm the bpm were accurate but the lights were flashing faster as I was increasing the op-1 speed.

Cool, thanks for that.