OP-1 LED shows 5 dots but won't turn on

Hi Op1 lovers

I haven’t used my OP-1 for months, and it can’t turn on now.

Below is the symptoms:

  1. When i plug in the usb, the speaker beeps and LED 5 dots light up one by one (including the red one) then disappear.
    Does this mean the battery is full?

  2. Ive charge it for more than 48 hours but still can’t switch it on nor entering the TE Boot mode.

  3. Sometimes when I witch the power button to “off”, I could hear the speakers beep once.

  4. I happened turned it on once yesterday, but it turned off itself in 30 seconds, and remains off until now.

I’m planing to DIY fixing it, but not sure whether is it problem of Battery or the connector board.

Could you please give me any advice?

Thanks a lot!

Did you try it without anything plugged in?

mine sometimes won‘t start when the USB is plugged in and yes your battery indicator tells it’s fully charged.

does it make any sound even when the screen is black in the ON position?

Thanks for reply:)

Yes i do have try it unplugged, but still nothing happened.

It doesnt make any noise when the screen is black in the ON position.

Thus i think it might be the connector board issue?
I’m considering order one from iFixit

Could there be debris in the switch? Maybe try working it back and forth several times to see if anything gives.

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does it start into COM mode when holding the Com button on startup?

you can also check the connector directly under the compartment of the line in/out board,
maybe it’s happening there

before ordering a new part I would write down something to TE about that issue.

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Thanks for replies, i can turn on my op1 normally now.

Here’s how i fixed it:

  1. Take out the connector board and use the electronic spray to clean up the switch button, and working it forth and back. Then it could switch on normally.
  2. start into COM mode and update the firmware.

But I found out the center F key are not working (no response at all no matter how hard i press it)
I will try clean up the keybed with electric spray and keep it updated here.

Thanks for your help:)


wow! that worked out :muscle:
iam proud

Can you share what electronic spray is exactly? I’m curious. eg. brand name, where to buy it, etc.

I’m using WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray, it works well.