OP-1 + lemurs = ?

Hey guys!

My first actual post here on this forum. Last year I had the honor of having Jesper Kouthoofd (founder of TE) as a lecturer in my school. It was awesome and one of the things he talked about and let us try, was the OP-1. I was so impressed by that little piece of machinery. Craving one. But couldn’t afford. A year later I’m now work as an art director in advertisement and one of my clients is a zoo here in Sweden. So after making lots of videos for the zoo, we started talking about Jesper and his OP-1 and how incredible it would be to let the lemurs compose some music of their own. With nothing to lose I e-mailed Jesper, asking if we might be able to borrow one of his synthesizers. To my surprise, he said yes. And this is the result. We just finished the video today, hope you guys like it!


Excellent !

At first I thought you were talking about Lemur :smiley:

Your video is pretty cool !!!

XD that’s awesome !
Seems that the OP has a good taste :wink:

Very nice idea @jakob87