OP-1 MAX input warning!

hi guys,
I finally got a response from TE regarding eurorack modular signals going straight into the op-1.
But I guess this could be applied to any hot signal.
Here’s what they said:

Absolute maximum / Full-scale input (at Line In jack) is 5,658 Vpp (2,0V Vrms)

Exceeding this level can destroy the input-stage of the OP-1.
So connecting a euro-rack CV output that can reach 10V swing must be avoided.


So becareful what you plug in!

Yeah modular level signals are not suitable for line inputs, but sadly it does not seem to be common knowledge, most consumer audio inputs and outputs are around 1 to 2v p-p, whilst pro level Is around 3.5v p-p, but modular outputs are often 10v p-p. Of course if you have a proper AC coupled output stage on your modular, then it should not cause any problems, assuming you have suitable attenuation, but yeah don’t go direct from a VCO or filter etc into a line input, you might get away with it but damage will be done.