OP-1 Miditape

How cool would that be? This would lift the little fellow to a new level…

i though last night about it and throw it in a little mockup

edit This is NOT real, no hidden function or anything. just my wish for a future-update! (ramones ->i believe in miracles)


Yes, I’ve dreamed of this since day 1.

Plus you would be able to change the volume, and tweak the effects parameters assigned to one track. And change the said effect…

But now I feel that in a way, the fact that you have to record audio is somehow a kick to move further and get things done.

"But now I feel that in a way, the fact that you have to record audio is somehow a kick to move further and get things done."

true, but not a general solution of getting things done. getting things done is on you, not on the machine… :wink:
so this “song mode”-option would make the op-1 to a little centre of other gear…i´m not talking about daw-micro editing and making a song in 2 weeks with 18 variations.

i want to transfer the strength of op-1 (easy and quick workflow, great sequencers) to other gear.

You are completely true, my dear.

I was just underlining how this lack had turned into an advantage in my mind, like I am excusing my beloved gear for its obvious flaws (and mine by the same way)

Anyway, that’s sure that it would be a tremendous update, turning this standalone composing station into a live-oriented mastermind.
Plus it would bring all the enhancements I need about patterns : >4 bars, saving multiple patterns, chaining, synchronous playing between drums & synth patterns…
I use a lot the octave up/down while playing drums patterns, so let’s add this to the list of requirements for your ideal midi tape !

…yeah, there is some mindbending work to get it right i think.

- tapetricks, tapespeed…lives from audio. how could it be done without it?
- effectslots for miditracks -> doesn´t work.
- and and…

anyway…just dreaming!

Awesome idea!

Really, look at those oversized reels, TE could comfortably run a couple of midi tracks (1 drum 1 synth), and use that space to give you piano roll or another sequencer up there in place of the reels. Navigating to said tracks could be as simple as pressing Tape+T1,T2 (vs normal T1, T2 for audio). (edit: tape speed tricks mute midi) The OP1 has so much potential for change that can run on the same CPU with maybe a bit shorter battery life. One reason we’re not seeing the OS more actively developed is if TE are considering a UI update… There’s a constant clash between it trying to be fun and ending up not very usable (step sequencer, make way for the gorilla drummers). As much of that’s meant to make musicating not feel like programming, the OP1’s UI is becoming its glass ceiling. Do they have enough customers already to charge for OS updates?