OP-1 newbie. Windows 7 crashes / freezes via USB lead

HI, my new OP-1 came today, well pleased; got radio antenna ready and four Chroma caps on the way. :slight_smile:

Connected OP-1, not switched on yet, via USB lead to desktop (windows 7)
I see the 5 small lights in sequence - 4 green then a red. Presume that means the battery is charging.

But if I switch on the OP-1 whilst it is charging, my windows 7 immediately crashes / all freezes, with only a restart of windows the only option.

hope for any advice of this, thanks

EDIT: Its working now. Swapped USB leads seemed to do the trick, all working as normal, then switched back to using the USB lead that came with the unit, and that works ok now. Weird moment there, but no complaints. Time to replace this ageing computer maybe.

Holding down Help button indicates battery level is showing 2 green lights, so will leave it charging for now. thanks.

Hey, I know this is old but I’m having a sort of similar problem, but on Win10.

After using the disk functions, Windows gets unstable after I remove the OP-1, and eventually needs to be powered off and on again. I’m wondering if anyone else has had the problem?

“Eject” doesn’t work, but windows sucks so bad at USB devices I didn’t really think anything of it until I realized what was causing the crashes.

Did you try using a different cable? Is your laptop firmware and windows all up to date? Are you running an insider preview build by any chance?