OP-1 OG FW246 DNA Display Bug


i bought a new OG-1 a week ago and upgraded to the most recent FW 246. Everything works fine so far, i only think that the DNA synths visuals are displayd wrong with my device, because it’s like offset from the center to the right.

Anybody else having this issue?

I have the same issue, can you post a picture with all knobs turned to the left (counterclockwise)?

It can either be caused by the offset parameter being mapped to the processor ID (in this case this will vary between different units, that’s why I’m asking you a picture with all knobs turn to the left, so we can have a reference).

Or it can be caused by an offset which TE put there to account for the “viewport” of previous revision displays, and they forgot to adjust for newer revision displays. (There have been at least 3 different display revisions in the past years).


I had this issue also with every encoder turned to the left. But i can‘t make a photo of this anymore, because i decided to return the op-1 and invest in other gear. :slightly_smiling_face: