Op-1 & Op-z

Hi there!
Before buying those two I have a couple of questions to you guys :wink:

My plan is to sync the two via usb c to mini b cable and use the op1 for sampling, tape thingies and general synths and the opz for drums and sequencing. Is it possible to

A) connect the audio out of op1 to the audio in of the opz (monitor on) and maybe use the master fx of the opz on the sum
B) record the sum of the two digitally to ipad using the usb c of opz (will need a hub i guess to do both things)? That would save a mixer and an audio interface and justify buying the opz really…

Is that easily done?
Thanks very much and stay safe!

Yes to both I think. I shall try it out for you later. Not sure if the OP-1’s audio would be in stereo or mono tho.

You can add effects to live audio coming into the OP-Z, and you can even use the tape track to mess with it.

Update: I checked, and couldn’t get the OP-Z to see the OP-1 input via jack. I know it can work, because I’ve done it. But it’s notoriously fickle. Do a search to read more about it.

Thanks a lot! In the mean time I am also thinking of a setup like this: op1 / model samples / kenton midi / small mixer (borrowed mother 32 and a dfam from a friend). I do not know how well the opz will survive hardwarewise…

Beware, OP-1 is a bit of a lone wolf, I found it doesn’t play well with other gear (this is my personal opinion).
And both OP-1 and OP-Z need time to plainly master them.

So I do believe that you would be wiser to get one rather than both, and learn it from 1 to Z.

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