OP-1 OS beta invitation

Dear OP-1 user!

This is an announcement from us at teenage engineering.

We are expanding the beta test of the upcoming OP-1 OS in preparation for the official release.

If you want to participate please fill out the form in the link below.

Please note that all testing is secret.

Since this is a beta OS, backup your data and be careful!
If you rather wait for the official release it is planned to happen at the end of the week.

Feedback, reports and other comments are welcome!
Depending on interest we cannot cannot guarantee that everyone that signs up will receive the beta.
We read all feedback but you might not get a personal response on each item.

Thanks for helping out testing the new OP-1 OS!

For any other communication with us please use support(at)teenage.engineering


Love from teenage engineering

Cool :slight_smile:

Thx !

opened my browser and i immediately had a feeling

…i like that this text is so damn personal written…

Is this really real ? :smiley:

can’t wait!

I signed up, but beginning to wonder if this is a phishing scam…

I signed up, but beginning to wonder if this is a phishing scam...

There was an official post on their Instagram about it. It’s real.

A week is a short test period for a beta release…

Very stoked on this.


I’m down

@OP1ANDCHILL Sweet! Thanks for allaying my concerns!


@OP1ANDCHILL Sweet! Thanks for allaying my concerns!
Stay chill fam


so we’re not supposed to discuss it here…?

also, does that say the official release is happening end of this week?

How they will select participants???

Filling out that form is like waiting for christmas without knowing if you get any presents. I’m checking my mail all the time now.