Op-1 pixel shift and function test fail

The pixels on my new op-1 seem shifted to the left by quite a bit. Is there any way to align it in the function test? It’s really obvious in the DNA synth. Maybe it’s a normal thing?


Edit: function test fails too :disappointed:

Try factory reset, or reinstalling the OS.

Done, and done (v241 to v242). Same issue, I’ve contacted support.

I just received my new OP-1 and seem to have the same issue w/ my DNA synth. I also completed the function test with no errors. Have reached out to TE support. I’ll let you know what I hear if you’re still experiencing the issue.

Thanks for sharing your results

I’ve heard back from TE regarding the shift - the recommendation was to update the firmware which made no difference.

We’ll see what they say about the function test.

Cheers :love_you_gesture: