Op-1 plays 2 notes instead of 1

I’m having a small problem: when I press the middle C it plays the Eb of the octave above, and when I play the Eb it plays the middle C,even when I use the op1 as a midi controller, do you think it something with the new update ? do you guys think its a hardware problem ? or software like kind of midi bug ?
thank you all :slight_smile:

you may turn off your sequencer section :dog:

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I forgot to mention the sequencer is off.and when I play C it plays Eb but also when I play Eb it plays C

Before the update it was working normally?
Maybe try a factory reset and reinstall the new OS.

Yes before the update it was normal…
I allready try to do the factory reset and I try to install the old os but it still do the same problem

Do you know that another member has a similar problem with one of his 1-8 buttons after updating? Maybe the factory reset will dissolve it.

I wish … it still do the same problem…

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried (although interestingly, when shift-comming it, it “auto-hits” 1 even in that), and managed to get off a factory reset, but same issue. I think probably this is a TE support issue at this point.

What happens if you press the sequencer button twice?