OP-1 practise amps

Hey guys,

Am wanting to practise with my OP-1 while singing and was thinking of getting a Keyboard Amp with two inputs to plug a microphone and the OP-1 into.

Anyone had any experience doing this? if so, what amp did you use? or any alternatives?

I was thinking of getting the behringer ultratone k108 as it is pretty cheap and from reviews I have read seems to get the job done.


what do you guys think?


That amp is probably fine for your OP-1, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a microphone. Mics are special and generally need a dedicated microphone input.[1]

Something like this would work a lot better:

I have not used this one myself, but it has dedicated “mic/line” combo inputs so your microphone signal is going to sound a lot better. Of course that one costs twice as much as the amp you’re looking at. I haven’t done much research so there may be something at a lower price point.

Another option to get an separate mic preamp, like this:

Then the OP-1 can go straight into the amp. Your mic goes through the preamp and then you connect the preamp to the second input on the keyboard amp. Again, I have no experience with that exact preamp, just looking at stuff that’s not too expensive.

1. The reason is that microphones produce EXTREMELY low signal levels, and you need a special high-precision mic preamp to bring the signal up to a level that normal audio equipment can use it.