OP-1 question

Two things after banging myself an op-1 yesterday
One - is there a quantise feature on the tape mode
Two - any tips for me?
I have played drums for 7 years and now am getting into playing backing tracks with the op-1

1- no.
2- take a look into the “tricks and tips” section.

For point 2 I’d like to add that it probably helps to think of the OP-1 as just a 4 track tape machine, albeit with directly attached synths and sequencers. So for point 1, if you need to get your timings 100% correct you can either a) use the built in sequencers to commit your sequence to tape or b) use external sequencers to do the same or c) record a loop, chop it up in the drum sequencer, and quantize manually (might not work for all material and doesnt work live). I use method a almost exclusively but then again I’m rythmically challenged :slight_smile:

btw, another suggestion for point 2 which helped me a lot in the beginning (and even now sometimes) is watching other people do their thing on youtube. People approach this instrument in completely different ways and you can almost always pick up something new for your workflow … or enjoyment

  1. you want to work in beat sync mode. That way you get bars on the tape to which you can jump to with the arrow keys & shift and align the loops.
  2. you should know that holding rec. with the tape stopped and ready for recording, the recording starts if you press one of the synth piano keys. Together with the sequencer/arp etc settings engaged you can do a kind of quantized recording.