OP-1 Quick Tip: Apply external effects to specific tracks

I usually have the output from my OP-1 go to a Reverb pedal. Sometimes I don’t want the drum track to also hit the reverb because it gets too muddy.

I recently found a useful trick to have the drum track bypass a pedal. I can use the OP-1 mixer to pan my drum track all the right and the other tracks all the way left. Then I use a audio splitter out of the OP-1 and have the right (drums) bypass the pedal and the left (everything else) go through the pedal. Then I have a cheap mixer that mixes the stereo output of my Reverb pedal with the drum track and voila.


Boom. Yea, I’ve been doing this exact method into my Zoia. It is the perfect use for the Zoia, and it really gives the mono sounds coming from the OP-1 new life and width.

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