OP-1 Reading timecode

Hi guys new to the forum.
I have a question. Is it anyway possible to link your technics 1200s with timecode vinyl to your OP-1? If not currently, what would need to be done? It would be the best turntablist scratch tool in the world if you could scratch with the tape recorder live !


I’ve been thinking the same thing ever since I got my OP1. That would be so awesome. I suppose you can develop some sort of gear/pulley device connected to a vinyl record on a turntable that works the Crank function.

Yeah the OP-1 can become a turntablist’s best friend. I’m currently making skratch tracks and looper beats off it.

I like the thought but too mechanical I guess, I was thinking more software wise. I work at TE and I’m trying to convince the bosses to try support it but they don’t seem that interested !

That would definitely be really cool!! When the op lab first xame out, didn’t they have that image suggesting you’d be able to hack an old disk drive to do something similar?

They’ve had so many great ideas, and the hardware does support it, but sadly the software is the limiting factor! I only work logistics so I have no effect on product development, nor software development. We can hope that in the future this will be a possibilty !

It might be worth speaking with Gabor Szantog from iMect - he’s managed to get DVS functionality (any timecode) into the DJ Player app on iOS. He’s also just got absolute mode working with Serato timecodes for DJ Player Pro.

I'm currently making skratch tracks and looper beats off it.

dude… demo vid please!

Probably a mechanical solution would be the only way if TE are not interested in a firmware solution, so how about a brick shaft the a gear and rack and pinion running parallel to the back edge of the OP1? The gearing would help to allow more rapid movement, and if you made a sturdy frame then the lateral stress on the encoder could be minimised.