OP 1 slowing down.

Hey, so I got a second hand OP 1 last week and the previous owner took great care of it, it’s mint, has a protection for the screen and everything. Very happy about it, and enjoying it a lot.

I ran into an issue while I was playing around with it on the train yesterday, I was using DBOX and the screen started to act slowish, and when recording to tape everything kinda crashed like when Ableton is getting CPUfucked. The screen isn’t very responsive with the cluster synth engine as well.

Should I be worried about anything ?


Sounds familiar.

Were u by any chance using the CWO effect as well? DBOX+CWO=LAG, in my experience.

I don’t use the D engines at all, but have definitely copped lag with the cluster engine before. That said, it’s only ever effected the GUI before, the audio was uneffected

Happens to me often. Doesn’t affect quality of sound. I guess when system works at peak efficiency it reduces FPS to get more processing power to sound. YOu can run CWO+ARP+synth and it will lag the hell out of the device.

lag here with some engines too. however i’ve never been able to crash it. worth replicating and recording a video

Managed to crash mine today, grid on synth + master