OP-1 / SP-404SX / iPad MIDI Sync


I am new to the OP-1 and really loving using it.
I’m trying to figure out all the different ways it can be used.
I found some videos that ZuluMonk put on Youtube showing the OP’s iPad integration, and would like to start using an iPad with the OP-1 (the Chordion app, for example, looks amazing)…
I like the limited nature of an iPad vs. full-blown DAWs, which tend to make my brains hurt and I never finish tracks in them.
I believe that an iPad CCK (Camera Connection Kit) would help the iPad and the OP speak to each other,
but I’m thinking if I’m going to get them talking, I’d like to include the SP404-SX, and ideally in a way that doesn’t rely on a Mac / DAW.

So my question, to all the operators out there, is this:

Can I get an iPad to control both an OP-1 and an SP404 at the same time using a MIDI Host like the iConnectMIDI4+?

What I have is the following.

an OP-1
an SP-404SX
an iPad mini
a powered USB-3 hub

and a MacBook Pro and Komplete Audio 6 w/ DIN MIDI i/o, if needed.

My question is, would an iConnectMIDI4+ sync the SP, the OP, and the iPad?
Does anyone have experience with this setup?
Is it worth the cost?
Are there alternatives?
Is there a way to achieve this using just my current gear? ( I think I could use the MacBook and Komplete 6 to sync the OP-1 and SP, but then I can’t figure out how to integrate the iPad. )
Am I missing something?

Any and all thoughts and ideas are welcome.


I don’t have that setup with the iconnectmidi but vaguely remember once having successful syncing etc using ipad/op1/sp404/Roland duo capture ex/USB hub(can’t remember if I used this). The duo capture ex pretty handy for audio too. I haven’t used ipad much since then tho so can’t comment on stability etc. In fact don’t quote me on any of this as I might have imagined running this setup in past :wink: but pretty sure it happened…

Thanks for the tip.

I don’t have the Duo Capture EX,
but if you’ve had success I’m wondering if this setup would work:

OP-1 via USB
iPad w/ CCK --> Powered USB Hub
Komplete Audio 6 via USB <— SP-404SX via MIDI (DIN)

Anybody got any ideas about this?
Would it work?
Would the iPad function as Master by default or would it need an app?

Also, the reason I need to ask instead of just doing it is because I’m in a cabin in the mountains,
not because I’m incredibly lazy (which I am) so I’ll need to order parts without trying them out.

The iConnectivity MIO4 would work, and is cheaper than the MIDI4+. As I understand it, the MIDI4+ does audio transfer between connected iPads/iPhones/Macs in addition to the MIDI stuff. So probably would be good for you.