OP-1 strap holders?

Hi all,
Looking for the plastic strap holders that screw into the two threaded holes on the bottom of the OP-1…teenage engineering, Amazon, and just plain Google searching don’t seem to yield any results!

Anyone know of a way to get / make these?


there is an official accessory, google revelead this as a first result in EU - https://www.gear4music.pt/pt/Teclados-e-pianos/Teenage-Engineering-Strap-Loop-for-OP-1/N3E

I am sure there still are shops that have it in stock

Thank you so much! Ordered!


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No problem.

I am currently struggling with finding a crank and bender kit for a good price :slight_smile:

i received my strap holders! With a little bit of Velcro i can fasten the OP-1 to the steering wheel of my truck on lunchtime, yes!!!

Hmm, where are you located?

Here in the US, Three Wave Music has the whole kit (unless you already have the antenna?) for $75US


Hope that helps,

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You can get 3d printed cranks :slight_smile:

The accessories I finally back in stock on teenage.engineering site, so I am probably just gonna go with the kit they offer :slight_smile: